Commitment to sustainability

Sustainable development is not simply a choice; it's a robust commitment, and for Caroline Paul, it's embodied with particular force. It's a pact that demands long-term commitment, a soul dedicated to constantly questioning our actions and methods, with the humility to always seek to improve and push our limits further.

During the renovation of each apartment, his plea for energy sobriety took concrete form. Environmental performance was a priority, with total energy renovation, thermal insulation using sheep's wool and optimal soundproofing. Double-glazed windows provide magnificent natural lighting throughout the day, while the materials chosen guarantee quality, reliability and durability.

This achievement would not have been possible without the incredible local craftsmen whom Caroline Paul had the pleasure of meeting, delving into the heart of their passion and exceptional work over the months of renovation.

Craftsmanship, a field that encompasses many skills, talents and abilities, is a true marvel of soul and technical know-how. Craftsmen, with their indispensable creativity, rigor and attention to detail, as well as their entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm, embody the bliss of a job well done and the desire to pass on their know-how.

Travel with her through this dream of sustainable development, where each apartment reflects not only the grace of Vendôme architecture but also a commitment to our planet and our future.