Le Vendôme by Caroline Paul

Certain places, encounters and experiences leave an indelible emotional imprint; an invitation to bliss where we let our guard down, breathe freely, and slow down to soak up the simple beauty that surrounds us.
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For Caroline Paul, it's Vendôme: its churches, its abbey, its narrow streets lined with mansions nestled behind charming walls, a stone's throw from the Loir River, its history and its expertise.

Vendôme's architectural heritage is a true marvel. It is both modest, with its small 15th-century timber-framed houses, fortified, as evidenced by the Porte Saint-Georges and the ruins of the castle, and religious, with the flamboyant Gothic-style Chapelle Saint-Jacques and the Collège des Oratoriens, now the town hall.

Vendôme still radiates the grace and charm of yesteryear. With its ancient tanneries clad in wood, its rich past and the warm soul of its people, Vendôme is a jewel of serenity and happiness.

Take a break, with enthusiasm and beauty, in one of France's most sublime towns of art and history.

Live an authentic experience, immerse yourself in the place and the culture of the men and women who make it rich, explore the surrounding nature, discover captivating panoramas, interact with local residents, and feast on the gastronomy of local producers. And at the heart of it all... flows a river, the Loir.