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Leather and tanneries in Vendôme

Immerse yourself in the historic soul of Vendôme, where leather and tanneries were once at the heart of local industry, establishing the town as a bastion of leather craftsmanship.

Vendôme's tanneries, among the oldest water-consuming industries, were naturally established close to the Loir, where tanning mills were essential for grinding oak bark, producing the tan required for tanning hides.

This ancient art has enabled local glove makers, supplied with Maine kid skins, to produce leather goods of internationally recognized quality, evoking a dream of handcrafted marvels.

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The leather-making process begins with "river work". This initial stage involves salting, rinsing and bathing the hides, followed by dehairing and fleshing, using specific tools such as scythes, daisies and sewing machines.

It's a meticulous journey through various stages of preparation, where every detail is approached with grace and precision.

The second crucial stage is "oak bark tanning". After initial handling, the hides are subjected to intensive treatment to transform them into a durable, supple textile: leather. They are stored in large pits, mixed with artisanal oak bark powder and immersed in water for over 12 months, in a process known as "extra-slow tanning".

This journey through the supreme manufacturing process gave birth to a multitude of leather soles, produced until 1985, and contributed to the felicity of many craftsmen and wearers of comfortable shoes.

Vendôme, with its rich heritage in the leather industry, offers renewed enthusiasm for traditional craftsmanship, and perhaps inspires contemporary craftsmen and luxury brands to perpetuate and reinvent these ancient traditions